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Baggage allowance

When flying with WIZZ each person can bring:

  • One piece of cabin baggage
  • Up to 6 pieces of checked-in baggage, weighing no more than 32 kilograms each*
  • Duty free items purchased at the airport after security checks
  • *Please note larger cabin baggage and all checked-in baggage will be subject to baggage fees.
  • Important: Your baggage will be screened at the airport!

Passengers with priority boarding

are allowed to carry 1 additional personal item in addition to the small or large cabin bag.

The additional personal item can be a handbag, a laptop bag or a camera bag that does not exceed the maximum dimension of 40x30x18cm.
If a passenger with priority boarding carries 2 pieces of hand luggage that both exceed the maximum dimensions of the additional personal item, the passenger must check-in one of the bags for the respective fee.

You can purchase your baggage allowance in the following ways:

  • Online when you book your flight
  • Online using the 'Online Check-in' or 'Add Services' feature up to 3 hours before departure
  • Using our handy Mobile App!
  • Contact our call centre
  • At the airport
  • Pro tip: You can also pay at the airport when you arrive, but the fees will be far higher so we recommend booking online if you can.

Checked-in baggage

Your security is important, so we won't carry any baggage without its owner being on board. (Exceptions can be made for mishandled baggage.)

To fit through the cargo hold door, baggage needs to be no larger than these dimensions:

Width: 1.499 m
Height: 1.194 m
Length: 1.715 m

For safety reasons, the weight limit for a single piece of checked-in baggage is 32 kilograms.

It is the passenger’s responsibility to respond to all requests from security authorities if required. If baggage is not transported because requests from security have not been fulfilled by the passenger, WIZZ will not be held responsible for any associated costs.

Checked-in baggage will, whenever possible, be carried on the same aircraft as the passenger to whom it belongs. If we decide for safety, security or operational reasons to carry it on an alternative flight, we will not be liable for the delay of the baggage. In order to return mishandled baggage to its owner within reasonable dispatch time, all baggage must be marked with the passenger's name, initials and address before it is handed over for carriage. Infants are not entitled to any baggage allowance with the exception of a pushchair / foldable baby carriage / infant car seat per infant (carried free of charge). Infant's prams and wheelchairs shall be checked in with other Baggage and will be carried free of charge, if the user of the equipments is travelling.

If the checked-in baggage contains any of the following items, WIZZ will not be liable for any loss, destruction, delay of and damage to such items:

  • cash, securities
  • jewellery, precious metal, precious and semi-precious stones
  • computer, camera, video camera, cellular phone and any other electronic or technical appliances and their accessories
  • official, business or private documents
  • travel or other identity documents
  • keys
  • liquid
  • medicine
  • pieces of art and fine arts
  • perishable items

Some airports may have further restrictions on items that can be carried in hand baggage and/or checked-in baggage. In such cases, the airport’s regulations prevail.

Cabin baggage

Passengers without Priority Boarding

are allowed to carry only one piece of cabin baggage


Small cabin bag:
You can bring a small bag that fits within the 42x32x25cm dimensions onboard free of charge. It needs to fit under the seat in front of you.


Large cabin bag:
For cabin baggage that's larger than a small cabin bag, but fits within the limit of 56x45x25cm, you'll need to pay a fee. Larger bags can fit into the overhead compartments, but please take care that you'll be able to place your item up there without assistance.

Passengers with priority boarding

are allowed to carry 1 additional personal item in addition to the small or large cabin bag.

The additional personal item can be a handbag, a laptop bag or a camera bag that does not exceed the maximum dimension of 40x30x18cm.
If a passenger with priority boarding carries 2 pieces of hand luggage that both exceed the maximum dimensions of the additional personal item, the passenger must check-in one of the bags for the respective fee.

Large cabin bag upgrade

Should you already purchased a large cabin bag but need more space, you have the opportunity to upgrade your large cabin bag allowance to checked-in baggage by paying the price difference between the large cabin bag and the checked-in bag. In case you aren’t sure of the size of the baggage you require for your trip, purchase the large cabin bag when you book your flight and you can always decide to upgrade to a checked-in bag up to three hours before departure. This option is available to you on the add services page on wizzair.com or through the call centre.

Musical instruments

Passengers who purchase a large cabin bag can bring a musical instrument case onboard which has a maximum length of 80cm. Other dimensions of the case must not exceed 45 x 25 cm. Examples of such instruments are violins, violas, flutes, clarinets, trumpets, ukuleles. In order to verify the size, the musical instrument case should be placed in the Large Cabin Bag sizer: width & depth must fit and height should be less than approximately 1,5 times the allowed height. Passenger should not have any other cabin bag apart from the small musical instrument. Once onboard, the musical instrument must be placed in the overhead locker. Musical instruments that do not fit into the above dimensions must either be transported as checked-in hold baggage after paying the relevant fees or on aircraft seat after seeking prior approval from Wizz Air via its Call Centre and paying for the extra seat.

In addition, passengers can carry the items listed below:

  • a coat or blanket
  • cellular phone
  • reading material for the flight
  • for children under the age of two: food for the duration of the flight, foldable baby carriage or a small crib
  • a pair of crutches for the physically disabled

If your hand baggage does not fit within our size limits, then it will have to be transported as checked-in baggage. Please note that this will incur an additional fee. So please pack carefully!

For everyone's safety, all of our flights follow these government-imposed restrictions on liquids:

  • The liquid is in a container with a maximum volume of 100ml
  • All liquid containers meeting the maximum volume of 100ml can be fitted comfortably into a transparent, re-sealable 1 litre plastic bag, measuring 20cmx20cm.
  • The plastic bag should be presented separately at security

Any liquids that don't meet the requirements listed above will be disposed of at airport security, so please take care when packing your hand luggage.

Baggage fees

Baggage fees are calculated based on:

  • Date of travel (peak season, low season)
  • Purchase channel (wizzair.com, mobile applications, call centre, airport)
  • Weight of the checked-in bag

The below table shows the current fees. If you would like to preview the amount of the baggage fee for your journey you may also use the baggage fee calculator.

Fee wizzair.com, Mobile Applications & Call Centre, airport (up to 3 hours before departure)* Airport**
Season Low Season Peak Season All Year
Checked-in Baggage (max 23 kg)€15 - €35 depending on route€25 - €45 depending on route€55
Checked-in Baggage (max 32 kg)€25 - €45 depending on route€35 - €55 depending on route€75
Large Cabin Bag (max 15 kg)€10 - €18 depending on route€40

*You will have to pay higher baggage fees if you add large cabin baggage and/or checked-in baggage to an existing flight booking. The large cabin baggage fee is €2 higher and the checked-in baggage fee is €3 higher compared to baggage fees applicable on your flight on the date of your purchase.
  **Applicable if purchased within 3 hours of your flight departure. The fee includes a €5 airport service charge collected by the handling agent. Agents may charge more. Information about the applicable additional fees is available from the Wizz Air agent at the airport of your flight departure.

Each passenger can check-in up to six pieces of luggage per flight - with baggage fees applying to each separate piece. You can pay for the first three pieces online, and if you have more you can pay for these at the airport.

During the booking process, you can indicate and pay for the number of bags that will be checked-in. If you've underestimated this number, never fear: you can add additional bags later, either online or by contacting our call centre. Higher baggage fees do apply for any additional pieces of checked-in baggage purchased at the airport. It's also helpful to weigh your bags before you arrive, as a €20 surcharge will be due at the airport if your bag weighs between 23kg and 32kg. If you've ended up checking in fewer pieces of baggage, the fees can unfortunately not be refunded.

If fewer pieces of baggage are checked-in, the baggage fee will not be refunded.

At certain airports the relevant fee may only be paid using a credit or debit card:

  • Malmo (MMX)

Sporting equipment

WIZZ will happily transport any sporting equipment you bring. However, you will need to pay a sporting equipment fee. This can be paid for when you book your flight.

Please note that Wizz Air does not provide packaging material. Please make sure you pack your sporting equipment in accordance with the requirements below. If it is not properly packaged, we won’t be able to transport it.

a) Ski Equipment, Snowboard, Surf Equipment, Golf Bags must be packed in a pouch.

b) Jumping poles can only be accepted for carriage if packed in textile sacks.

c) Bicycles can only be accepted for carriage if they are packed in bicycle travel case, or in nylon sacks, the wheels and pedals are removed and the handlebars turned parallel. They may also be accepted if packed in cardboard provided the tyres are deflated.

d) Diving Equipment can only be accepted for carriage if the diving cylinders are empty and the power source or bulb has been removed and the switch has been secured in the "OFF" position.

e) Antlers and Trophies can only be carried if a valid veterinary certificate is presented by the passenger.

Damaged, Fragile, Bulky, Inadequately Packed, Late Check-in and Oversized Baggage will only be accepted for carriage with a "Limited Release" Baggage Tag and Wizz Air will not accept liability for such items.

Special baggage to be carried in the cabin

a) Fragile and bulky items, musical instruments

An additional seat at the adult fare available at the time of booking should be purchased for items cannot be stowed under the seat or in the overhead compartment. Reservation can be made online, entering “EXST” in the first name field and the passenger’s surname in the last name field. Please note that for instruments larger than a cello (e.g. double bass, harp, etc.) must be checked in with a limited release tag. These instruments are too large and heavy to fit into a seat. If the instrument including its carry case does not exceed the dimensions 56x45x25 cm and 15 kg can be carried as a cabin baggage. Please note that the musical instrument can be your only cabin baggage.

b) Diplomatic Baggage

A diplomatic baggage or any type of baggage with a sealed-lock must be accompanied by a diplomatic courier during the whole journey and to/from the aircraft and must be declared as diplomatic baggage. The diplomatic baggage must always be carried as non-checked-in baggage irrespective of its size, special characteristic and the required special handling procedure. If the size or characteristics of the diplomatic baggage does not allow its carriage in the cabin, it can be carried in the baggage hold, but it will be considered as unchecked baggage since it must never be transported at the Carrier's responsibility. In this case the courier should be present during the whole loading and unloading procedure of the diplomatic bag, as he/she is responsible for its carriage.

c) Ashes

Carriage of ashes is permitted on the conditions that they are safely packed in a suitable container. Death certificate and cremation certificate must be presented at the airport. Ashes can only be carried as Cabin baggage.

Restricted Items

For health and safety reasons, we can't bring items on board if they are:

  • likely to endanger the aircraft, persons or property
  • likely to be damaged during the carriage by air
  • unsuitably packed
  • forbidden by any applicable laws, regulations or orders of any State to be flown from, into or over
  • not suitable for carriage because of its weight, size or any other unusual characteristics
  • likely to cause discomfort or disgust to those on board

Restricted items include the following:

  • firearms, ammunition and explosives including weapons of hunting or sports purposes
  • any items or substance that looks like a firearm, ammunition or explosive
  • flammable substance (except: alcoholic beverages, hair spray, perfume, cologne)
  • radioactive materials
  • condensed gas (except: CO2 used for moving artificial limb; container of inflammable gas used for self-inflating lifejacket);
  • poisonous or infectious substance
  • corrosives (except: mercury in thermometers, barometer, wheelchair battery)
  • briefcases and security type attaché cases with built-in alarm devices, lithium batteries or pyrotechnical material
  • items and materials that endanger safety, property, life, health and bodily integrity of those on board
  • any material that is forbidden under the rules and regulations of the countries affected by the carriage
  • any item that is not suitable for carriage because of its weight, size or any other characteristics
  • remains of human body
  • any glue or paint
  • any items specified in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations

If you've packed any of these items, we may not be able to check in your baggage. If you still have questions, just ask us before you pack!


Pets are not permitted onboard, except for guide dogs that are welcome to join their owners. Just don’t forget to pack your guide dog’s required travel documents! These will need to comply with the regulations of the countries you’re visiting.

Missing or Damaged Baggage

In the unlikely event that your baggage is missing, damaged or delayed, you can file a report upon arrival at your destination. Pay a visit to the “Baggage Claim” or “Lost Luggage” desk in the transit area, where we can help you fill out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) straight away. If checked baggage goes missing and no report is filed at the destination airport, we can't accept responsibility.

If the checked baggage does not arrive on the flight carrying its owner, and the passenger does not make a report upon arrival, Wizz Air will disclaim liability.

If the passenger reports the delay of his/her checked baggage upon arrival, tracing will be carried out for 21 days. If the baggage is not found within this period, Wizz Air will be liable for loss.

Should it be impossible to recognise the damage or pilferage upon arrival, the report must be made at the airport within 7 days after arrival.

If the baggage does not arrive with the flight carrying the person to whom it belongs, and it is delivered damaged or pilfered, the passenger has to make a report in writing within 21 days after the baggage has been placed at his/her disposal.

Wizz Air will not be held liable for baggage misidentified by another passenger. The passenger who misidentified the baggage is liable for all costs of both passengers involved.

Liability for delayed, damaged and pilfered baggage will be reduced if the baggage was presented for check-in unsuitably packed. Damage to carry-on baggage (including clothing) must be reported on board the aircraft, or before leaving the transit area at the latest. A Cabin Report or a PIR will be provided to the passenger upon report.

Claims must be submitted in writing within 1 month from arrival to the final destination (that is the last airport indicated in the itinerary), to the Wizz Air Claims Division or to your insurance company if you are claiming directly.

To help us process your claim quickly, enclose a copy of the Cabin Report or Property Irregularity Report provided to you on board or at the airport when you made your report for delay, damage or pilferage. Please also provide your contact and bank account details where indemnity (if any) can be transferred to.

If no claim is made within the times aforesaid, no action shall lie against Wizz Air.

Complaints (other than baggage claims) must be made in writing within 1 month after arrival of the flight affected by the complaint. If no complaint is made within the time aforesaid, no action shall lie against Wizz Air.

Claims and Complaints must be sent to Wizz Air Customer Relations.

If you need to contact us directly please fill in and submit this form: Complaints.