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WIZZ Priority Boarding

the service

Be among the first to board!

Hate those long queues before boarding? Then why not just skip them and be amongst the first passengers to enter the plane! ! It’s as simple as a click! All you have to do is purchase the WIZZ Priority Boarding service to ensure you fast track through the boarding process.

Travel with an extra personal item!

In addition to their cabin bag, passengers with priority boarding are permitted 1 additional personal item.

A personal item can be a camera bag, laptop bag or handbag that does not exceed the maximum size of 40x30x18cm. If a passenger with priority boarding carries 2 pieces of hand luggage that both exceed the maximum dimensions, one of the bags must be checked in for the respective fee.

Buy WIZZ Priority Boarding online, via the call centre or at the airport and enjoy all these benefits:

  • When walking to the aircraft you will be called first to go through the gate and will be able to get onto the aircraft directly
  • When boarding by bus you will be provided with a dedicated section at the front of the bus. When you reach the aircraft the front door of the bus in your section will be opened first allowing you priority access to the aircraft.
  • 3) Bring 1 additional personal item onboard!

The purchase of WIZZ Priority Boarding will be visible on your boarding card:

Boarding Card

  • The words “PRIORITY” will appear on your home printed boarding card if you check-in online or;
  • A sticker will be placed on your boarding card at the airport check-in desk.

This will indicate to the staff at the boarding gate that you have paid for WIZZ Priority Boarding.

how to purchase WIZZ Priority Boarding


  • 1) Add WIZZ Priority Boarding during the booking process after filling out your personal details
  • 2) If you decide not to purchase WIZZ Priority Boarding at the time of booking your flight it is a simple procedure to add it at a later stage using the add service option on wizzair.com.

Via our Call Centre:

  • 3) Alternatively you can also add it by calling the Call Centre.

At the airport:

  • 4) The service can also be purchased at the airport, on the day of departure. Although at this point a slightly higher fee will be charged.

To view the price of this service, click here.


Please note that you must be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.

The WIZZ Priority Boarding fee is non-refundable.

WIZZ Priority Boarding is a service that enables only priority boarding onto the aircraft, but no priority benefits during the check-in or security control processes.